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June 14 2017

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I unno what meme this is, but I’m here for this.

It’s called the Millennial Falcon 

Rebloggin’ the Millennial Falcon

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I unno what meme this is, but I’m here for this.

It’s called the Millennial Falcon 

Rebloggin’ the Millennial Falcon

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smashmouth was right… so much to do, so much to see





reblog if you hate nazis and don’t think they should speak on college campuses

You have your right to disagree, but you can not take away someone’s 1st Amendment, if you don’t like that move to a country that censors speech.

Genocidal hate speech is not covered by your first amendment, learn some law you fucking idiot

Ya in case anyone wants specifics on those laws…

A) this IS a country that “censors” certain forms of speech through time/place/manner restriction. speech which invites violence or unlawful action is not protected (although hate speech is *technically* protected)
B) the ability to say what you want and not have the US government tell you what to do is one thing, while hiring and giving a platform for a person to speak on a college campus is entirely another
C) private college campuses are private institutions that don’t actually need to abide by the first amendment and public colleges, as a type of public school, actually have a legal right to protect against speech that is hateful, offensive to prevailing community standards, or contrary to the educational mission of the school

So long story short, yeah nazis have absolutely no legal right to speak in college campuses so stop making excuses for fucking nazis

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Now that’s what you call gross incompetence. (Link.)

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This shook me to my core when I took my first pole class



i never realised that The Babadook was accidentally put in the LGBT+ movies section of Netflix i thought we all just collectively decided the babadook was gay for no reason at all

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So I was watching Bee Movie on netflix (because I’m garbage) and I noticed something…

See that lady bee behind Barry? 

Yeah, all the lady bees look like that. 

every female bee essentially has the same design- all centering around the hair do. Which got me thinking…

Why would all the female bees have the same hairdo??

It’s just…bad character design. Until I realized. 

That bump they all have in their hair??? The weird sort of 50′s-esque style?


i hate this fucking movie so much

The guys have buzz cuts.


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reblog so you too can get cool asks and nice messages

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the first time i tried to reblog this my tab immediately ran out of memory and honestly i think its an omen

The clam before the storm




What an aesthetically pleasing meme.

I think this is it.  My aesthetic.  The sea, a beautiful sky, and a pun.

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